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The Story

About Clarice Wine Company

Clarice Wine Company is a new and truly unique type of winery, combining aspects of an online wine community, a wine education website, and a limited-enrollment wine club.

As a member of the Clarice Wine Community, you will have the opportunity to interact with 625 fellow members, sharing wine opinions and wine list guidance, as well as recommendations for wine travel, restaurants, hotels, events and more. Clarice Wine Community Members will also gain exclusive access to Wine Industry Leaders from all fields of the wine business, enjoying the opportunity to interact with them in a private and intimate forum. A members-only section of the Clarice website will offer a growing library of wine education and information articles authored by Clarice winemaker Adam Lee and fellow industry leaders on subjects ranging from vineyard acquisition and grape growing to winemaking and wine trends. As part of the Clarice Wine Community, members will enjoy two exclusive parties a year, one focusing on the Clairce Pinot Noirs and the other spotlighting a fellow winemaker and their wines, during which members will learn about their viticulture and winemaking, taste their wines, and receive special discounts. Finally, members will receive a case of Clarice Pinot Noir as part of their membership.

Membership is limited to 625 members.

About the Founder

My name is Adam Lee and I am the founder of Clarice Wine Company. I began working with wine in 1989 at a retail store in Austin, Texas. At the time, I also dabbled in restaurant wine sales, and briefly pulled a bag as a wine distributor sales rep. A few years later, I began working as the Wine Buyer at Neiman Marcus in Dallas, and there I met my wife, Dianna Novy. In 1993, we moved to California and, while working in direct sales at various wineries, we started Siduri Wines in 1994. Siduri Wines quickly became known as one of California’s premier Pinot Noir producers and grew from 107 cases in 1994 to 25,000 cases in 2015. During that time, our family grew as well, with the addition of three children; Christian, Amber and Truett. In January of 2015, we sold Siduri Wines to Jackson Family Winery. Since then, Dianna has gone on to launch her own sparkling wine brand, Flaunt (, while I stayed on as winemaker for Siduri. In addition to my role at Siduri Wines, I have now introduced Clarice Wine Company as my own small, heartfelt project.


About Clarice H. Phears

Clarice H. Phears was my grandmother. She was born in 1896 and since I didn’t come around until the mid-1960s, she was already somewhat older by the time I met her. Despite that, she was one of my closest friends growing up. We sat on the swing on her front porch as airplanes flew overhead and imagined that our swing was a plane and that we were traveling to some far-flung location. She played basketball with me in my driveway and, yes, shot free throws “Granny-style.” She let me eat all the charms out of the Lucky Charms and avoid the cereal. And, as this picture shows, she even sat on the floor with me and watched television. Oh, and through her way of cooking she also taught me a lot about making wine. And that’s why it’s called Clarice Wine Company.

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