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2021 Babs Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

2021 Babs Russian River Valley Pinot Noir


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BABS began in Santa Barbara County. Named after the Barbara part of Santa Barbara, BABS embodied the free spirit that exists when you are raised on the beach and spend your formative years surrounded by palm trees and sandcastles.

But like all of us, BABS grew up and her life changed.

BABS has moved to Northern California, and beginning with the 2021 vintage, she now comes from the Russian River Valley. It’s colder here and the wine shows that, with bright red fruits accented by hints of the redwood forests that also populate the area.

Oh, BABS still has some of that Santa Barbara spirit within her – she’s fun to enjoy on sunny days and to share while sitting around the backyard grill. But she’s stepped it up a level, and we think you’re going to enjoy the change.


One of the Pinot Noir deals of the year!

Many of you will remember previous incarnations of BABS Pinot Noir – all of which were firmly rooted in Santa Barbara County. These wines received remarkable press and, more importantly, were embraced by you all as truly outstanding versions of Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir.

In the remarkable 2021 vintage, we recreated BABS as a Russian River Valley wine. Grape availability made this possible – two fantastically farmed Russian River Valley vineyards came our way, and we would have been foolish to say no.

There’s no mystery here – ALTHOUGH SOME OF YOU WILL HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED THIS IN YOUR MYSTERY PACK – this is seriously superb Pinot Noir at a price that cannot be beat!



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